Established in 1988, we specialize in software development, networking and
system integration in the security, retail and library systems marketplaces. We have been
providing advanced, innovative and cost effective solutions to difficult problems for many
years. Our highly skilled, proven developers have a wide-range of diverse, specialized skills
that result in the most reliable and cost effective solutions. Our customers range from fortune
500 companies to small businesses.

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Legacy Site

Beta Partners

We have worked with our beta partners for over a year collaborating on
the best system possible while improving their processes to maximize efficiency. Proven
to work in both vertical canopy and traditional grows. Works in multi-licensed grows.
Also tested in greenhouse and outdoor grows.

RFID Technology

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to
automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain
electronically stored information. Currently, companies all over the world are using
RFID technology for inventory and supply chain management – retailers, libraries,
hospitals, and warehouses have all adopted RFID-based solutions to manage and track
their valuable inventory. RFID dramatically reduces labor costs, reduces errors and
frees your employees so they can focus on high-value and interesting activities.


Our patented software insures your investment is not attached to a
single RFID equipment vendor and utilizes the latest web technologies. No software is
required to be installed to use our system. We leverage the web technologies to allow
real-time peer-to-peer a/v communications within your grow. We are the only company
dedicated to leveraging the Metrc™ tags required in Colorado, California and Maryland.


RFID eliminates line of sight and individual scans as required by
barcode scanners. As a Metrc™ validated integrator we eliminate almost all manual entry.
The Metrc API – Application Programming Interface – allows RTDTrack to update Metrc for


Save Money

Metrc™ requires you to purchase their RFID tags – our system allows you
to use that tag to your advantage at a low up-front and monthly cost with maximum return
on your investment.

Save Time

Eliminate hours of manual data capture whether using barcode or pad and
pencil. Eliminate hours of manual data entry into Metrc™ during plant moves and


Demonstrate your dedication to the highest level of compliance by using
our system to improve your processes and accuracy.

Customer Service

We have years of customer service, installation and support experience.
We are dedicated to excellence and are responsive to project and budget demands. We
stand behind our work and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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