Maximize operational efficiency with our smooth, fast, seamless METRC™ API integration.


Put away the pad and pencil! Use our RFID system to capture the Metrc™ tag automatically and accurately.


Easily locate plants that are incorrectly recorded in a room or phase. Communication within your grow is improved by involving the growers.

Easy to Use

Extremely easy to use. Learn our system in a matter of minutes. All plants are entered and tracked using our system all the way through harvest. The Metrc™ system is automatically updated using our validated API integration.


Growers use the system to record information used for compliance, such as plant destroy or movement. Compliance officers can review this information and then update Metrc™.



Leverage the Metrc™ RFID plant tag that you are already paying for.


Verify plant inventory in minutes instead of hours without touching the plants or tags. Capture plant movements and harvest weights automatically. Review the information captured then click update Metrc™ and in a few seconds instead of hours of manual data entry data is uploaded.

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